Homework is a word that some school-age children rather not hear after a long day behind a desk. Whatever you think about homework, it can benefit your child. For example, math is a subject that usually requires a lot of practice. There may not be enough time in the classroom to grasp difficult math concepts, so spending a little extra time reviewing and practicing at home can be helpful. Regardless of the subject, if your child’s teacher assigns homework, consider the following strategies to help your child get it done.

Communicate With the Teacher
Most schools have open houses at the beginning of the school year where parents meet their children’s teachers. This is a good time to connect with the teacher and ask questions about homework and how you can best help your child. Teachers use websites, social media, text messages, and email to stay in touch with parents. Use these resources to maintain contact with your child’s teacher and to find out what homework has been assigned.

Take a Break
Rather than forcing a child to do homework immediately, a little diversion might be good. When your child gets home from school, he or she may benefit by taking a break. Eating a snack and playing outside for an hour can help a child wind down after a long day at school.

Distraction-Free Homework Zone
Set up a quiet homework space with good lighting. Turn off the television during homework time. Make sure your child has all the supplies and tools needed to complete homework. Unless your child is using a computer or tablet for homework, digital devices and phones should be off-limits during homework time.

Review Assignments Together
Don’t worry about being a subject matter expert when it comes to helping your child with homework. It is not your job to do homework for your child, but to make sure your child completes it to the best of his or her ability. Help your child review by asking questions and having him or her teach you a concept addressed in the homework assignment.

Difficult Subjects First

If math is where your child struggles, suggest that math be the first homework assignment for completion. Save the less intense subject matter for later.