Springtime is slowly approaching, and you may be itching to get outside and enjoy some nice weather.  If you live in the Big Apple, or near by, you can find tons of exciting outdoor activities throughout the different boroughs. Looking for some fun? Here are just a few things to do in New York City.


There are dozens of flea markets in New York City; there are also shops everywhere in certain parts of the city. You could do an entire day of shopping in New York City and experience both indoor and outdoor shops that will satisfy all of your shopping needs.

Boats on the Hudson

There are quite a few boathouses that give free kayak rides in the city. The Hudson River may not be the best for swimming in, but it will provide you with a rush via a 20 minute kayak ride.  A boat ride is a great way to experience the springtime weather and enjoy the city sites around you.

Catch an Outdoor Movie

Brooklyn Bridge Park and Rooftop Films both have outdoor movie showings. There are plenty of options for outdoor movie going in New York City.  An outdoor movie is a great way to bring the kids out for some fun entertainment and enjoyment while being out of the house!

Enjoy the Nightlife

If you have a “kid free” night, and are looking to have a little fun, NYC rooftop bars are usually a great option. Northern Territory and Gallow Green are just two of the rooftop bars located around the city; however, you can find others in multiple locations. The warm weather and city scenery is a great combination when you’re looking for some fun outside.

Coney Island

The famous, Coney Island, is a New York City landmark. The iconic area has the best beach spot in the city, it has amusement park rides, and it has plenty of shops and food stands. You could spend all day relaxing on the sand or spend the day eating and riding the variety of roller coasters.

Governors Island

Governors Island has attractions for both kids and adults.  One of the biggest attractions at Governors Island is their zipline. Just imagine flying through the air with the Statue of Liberty in the distance.

New York City is not lacking on its outdoor activities; you just need to know where to look. Whether its relaxing in the park or riding rides at Coney Island, everyone is sure to find something to do outdoors this Spring.