One of the best things you can do for your kids is to get them involved in various activities after the school day is over. Extracurricular activities such as sports, music, and a handful of other things are a great way for kids to expand their knowledge and skills while also giving them reasons to socialize with other kids their age. While you don’t need to have extracurriculars for your kids every day, it’ll be good for them if they have something they attend at least a few times a week. Read on for some of the best extracurricular activities you can get your kids involved in.


Sports such as baseball, basketball, and football are a great choice for keeping your kids involved after school. These activities help children develop their teamwork skills, and they can help keep your kids physically healthy as well. If you have children who are overly competitive, sports are usually a great option! One of the best things about sports is that there are so many different kinds, so if your child doesn’t like one of them, they may be better suited to a different one.


Music is also a wonderful activity to get your kids involved in. Some children may enjoy playing a musical instrument, while others may instead choose to sing. Whichever it is, setting them up with private or group lessons can be a great way to not only allow them to learn something new but to build other skills such as patience and determination. Similar to sports, there are loads of options with music as well. Your child can try the piano, guitar, trumpet, drums and so much more! Or they can get into singing, doing choral pieces in a group, or perhaps getting involved in musical theater.

Book Club

If you have a child who always has their nose in a book, book clubs might be the best choice. In these book clubs, kids get to not only read the books they love so much, but they’ll be able to find other kids who share that passion for reading so they can share it with one another. Not only will a book club allow children to make friends with other kids who love to read, but they’ll also likely even discover new books and book genres that they never thought they’d enjoy!


Dancing is one of the best types of extracurriculars you can get your kids involved with. A mixture of music and sports, dancing not only allows your kids to exercise and introduce them to new forms of music, but it can help them build up skills such as precision or self-control. Dancing can also work as a team activity since more often than not your children will have to learn and perfect choreography with other dancers on the stage.