The early years of your child’s life are going to cause disruptions to your sleep pattern. It is completely normal for your baby to awaken several times in the evening for the first couple of months of their lives.


After three or four months, most babies are ready to sleep through the evening. Most parents who experience issues with their babies sleeping through the evening are making some well-intentioned mistakes. By eliminating these missteps, both you and your baby can have a more restful evening.


Jumping Out of Bed with Every Cry


It is completely normal for your child to awaken during the night and whimper or cry. One mistake many parents make is to get out of bed and head to the room every time they hear their baby stir. If your child is crying or whimpering, wait five minutes to go in before you check on them. The next night you can extend the period to ten minutes. Your child will eventually develop better self-soothing habits.


Continuing Nighttime Feedings


Once your baby reaches the 12-pound milestone, they no longer need to wake up for feedings. If your baby wakes up and wants to feed after that point, they are doing it out of habit. A great strategy to try when your baby wakes up expecting a nighttime feeding is to try and let them get themselves back to sleep.


Keep on Rocking


Another mistake that some parents make is rocking their baby until they are completely asleep. By continuing to rock your baby until they doze off, you are creating a dependency in your child. Try gently waking them a little before you put them back in bed.


Putting Your Baby to Bed with a Bottle


Several issues can occur by putting your baby in bed with a bottle. It can lead to tooth decay and ear infections. In general, it is a good idea to avoid putting your child in bed with a bottle for their health. The truth is that there are better solutions to curbing nighttime feedings.


Day/Night Confusion


Learning the difference between dark and light is key to any baby sleeping through the night.

Parents can help their babies get better sleep by helping them organize the rhythm of their sleep. Keep your baby’s room lighter during their daytime naps and darker in the evening. Avoid keeping a light on in their room during the night.

Keep Plugging Away

The good news is that your baby will eventually sleep through the night. If you follow these tips, you and your baby can count on a full night of sleep soon.