Finding tutoring resources for children that are in school is much easier now, thanks to the internet. A plethora of websites serve as great tools for tutoring and online learning, but most people still want to know how they can find the best resources quickly. If you and your child are struggling to identify the best tutoring method, here are some places to look!

Magazines and Blogs

Sometimes, using the internet can feel like an endless search. While it’s a gift with an abundant amount of information, there is often so much information that it may feel more like a curse. Tuck yourself into a nook of the internet by checking out online parenting magazines and blogs. There are plenty of these to go around, and they often provide hyperlinks and suggestions for all sorts of resources. From Parents magazine to Aha! Parenting Blog, you’ll never be short on digital resources!

Parenting Forums

Another great place to look for tutoring advice is a parenting forum. While blogs and magazines are great to read, sometimes it’s best to get pointers from all different parents. Online forums bring parents together to share issues and advice alike. You may find a preexisting thread that discusses your exact situation; if not, you can always post your story to a forum and get curated advice from fellow parents.


Parents must realize that they are never on their own when they start looking for tutoring resources for their children. Teachers are there and want to help. A meeting with a teacher can inform parents on how to put their children on the fast track to success. Schools often have peer tutoring resource centers or after-school tutoring programs with teachers. Check your child’s academic institution to find out what in-house options are available.

Public library

When it comes to researching and learning, never overlook your local library! Not only do libraries hold tutoring sessions, but they also offer texts and online resources for learning and finding tutors. For children who may need a quiet space to focus on work, the library is a perfect place to start. Check your library’s website to see if they offer tutors or other academic programs after school or on the weekends.