Becoming a mother is a wondrous occasion filled with more joy than often a new mom imagines. It can feel like her heart doubled in size, bursting with boundless love for the new life that she just created. Though fervently devoted to her little one, it is common for doubt to creep in as a new mother questions her choices and her competency as a parent. While this new role can seem daunting, there are some things a new mom can do to help her confidently face her new responsibilities.

Firstly, a new mother must ask for help and accept it when it’s offered. Many mothers want to do it all themselves. However, receiving support can mean valuable time to get more done, including sneaking in a much-needed nap or two.

Secondly, a new mother must not allow her new role to hurt her relationship with her partner. Becoming parents often affects couples negatively as they pour their attention on their children and away from each other. Therefore, new parents must create time for one another to nurture their bond, as a strong relationship is necessary for the family’s success.

Thirdly, new mothers should align themselves with those who understand their journey. Many groups consist of mothers, new mothers, and even mothers whose children were born on the same day. These groups offer support and wise counsel and meet virtually or in person. Joining a mothers’ group is an excellent way for a new mom to connect to other women who know what she’s going through.

Lastly, new mothers must enjoy this time despite all the chaos, newness, and uncertainty. What they say about it going by fast is true, so making memories is important. New mothers must play with their children, laugh with them, and enjoy their company. Ultimately, what little ones want is their parents’ attention, so a new mother must enjoy each moment with her little one and work on building a bond that will be a foundation for a loving, lifelong relationship.

A new mother must remember to be kind to herself and accept that she’s doing a great job. Even when things don’t come out as anticipated, she grows and learns and does her best.