Keeping kids busy indoors is more important than ever. Many children are likely getting bored and restless due to closed restaurants, theaters, and parks, but this boredom doesn’t have to be the norm. There are plenty of ways how to keep your children—and yourself—entertained indoors.

1. Set up an art center.

This art center can include anything that you have on hand, but some basics supplies include paper, scissors, glue, markers, and glitter. Old, unused objects can be included and children can work on creating something new from them. Some ideas for these objects include old CDs, buttons, lost puzzle pieces, or anything else that would normally be thrown away. Spruce up your home with fun little crafts, and put those restless hands to work!

2. Play hide and seek.

This game keeps children busy for such a long time! Take turns hiding and seeking, being more creative with each hiding spot in the game. For an extra challenge, try limiting it to only a few rooms of the house, or play with the lights off (so long as the furniture and rooms are laid out safely!)

3. Fill a sensory table.

This is an activity that can be fun for kids of all ages. A table is not necessary, despite the name, as any plastic container can be used instead.

It can be filled with water, rice, or sand, then the toys can be added. The toys can be based on what the table or bucket was filled with, such as animals or cars. For children who are a bit older, creating slime or oobleck is a fun activity that uses a bit of science.

4. Host Lego challenges.

Challenge children to build a tower bigger than they’ve ever done before, or to make a model of your own residence. Encourage them to add mazes and bridges, or any fun form of architecture. Whatever they are challenged to do with Legos, it will keep them entertained! 

5. Play board games.

Now is the time to pull out all of the games that currently collect dust in your cabinets. Make a day out of playing board games and eating snacks. Not only will this keep children entertained indoors, but it’ll also be a great bonding time. In lieu of board games, video games or puzzles are fun activities that the whole family can enjoy.

6. Have a push-up competition.

Getting exercise is still essential for children, and being stuck inside makes it even more difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle. By having a push-up competition, children will be getting in some exercise while also having fun indoors.

7. Set up a scavenger hunt.

Be as creative as possible and make it specific to the children’s interests. For older children, 10 or 12 clues would be plenty. If the children are younger, cut that number in half or adjust accordingly.

8. Have a dance party.

Turn on your children’s’ favorite music and dance around! If the children are competitive, turn it into a dance competition. Or, if you own a dance-based video game, turn the TV on and see who can nab the highest score! Whatever you choose, you’re bound to keep your children active and happy!