While it may still feel like summertime in some places, autumn is around the corner. That means colder temperatures, leaves falling off of the trees, and so much more. While some people will be sad that summer is coming to an end, autumn brings loads of great seasonal activities that the family can enjoy together. If you’re looking to plan a fun autumn with your family, look no further than this fun-loaded list.

Go Pumpkin Picking

Many people associate the fall with Halloween and when we think of Halloween, we think of pumpkins. If you’re looking for a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon, pack the kids up and go pumpkin picking. Pumpkin picking is an all-time classic fall time activity that can be loads of fun for not only the kids, but for yourself! 

Learn About Leaves

The leaves that fall from the trees in the fall are beautiful and mysterious, so why not collect a few and learn about them together? The best way to do this is to do leaf rubbings. This activity is a great way to introduce your kids to all of the different parts of the leaves, such as the leaves’ veins. This is a great way to keep your kids curious and wanting to learn more about the beautiful world outside of our houses.

Create Turkey Handprints

Another classic autumn activity that we usually associate with Thanksgiving is creating turkey handprints. It’s one of the easiest and most simple fall crafts that you can do, and it’s also a great way to introduce your kids to the world of nature. You can help your child trace his or her hands on a piece of paper, and then let them color it into a turkey. After that, you can frame the little guy and hang it on the fridge for the whole family to see on Thanksgiving day.

Learn How To Crochet Or Knit Together

Since the temperature slowly gets colder as we move through the fall and into winter, we usually associate the fall with being cozy. And what’s cozier than crocheting or knitting? If you don’t know how to do either, this can be a great activity that the family can learn together. It’s a fun skill to have, and it can help get the creative juices flowing. If you do know how to do them already, that makes it even easier to help teach your kids!

Go For A Hike

The best part about fall is the changing of the leaves, and the best place to see how beautiful those leaves can be are on a hike or nature walk. Find a kid-friendly walking trail to go on, and bring your kids out to admire just how beautiful our world can really be. This is a great way to get some exercise with the family while getting so excellent and unforgettable views.