This school year has been tough for many families. Kids and parents alike deserve a reward for all the effort they put into continuing the school year while handling the stress of a global pandemic. Even though socially distancing families cannot invite friends over to celebrate the end of the year, there are many ways families can celebrate their children’s growth and achievements, academic and beyond.

Bake a Cake Together

Kids are never too young to learn to bake. Baking a cake is both educational and celebratory. The process teaches young children the real-world applications math and chemistry, with a delicious reward at the end. During the decorating process, kids can let their creativity shine, and in the end, the whole family can come together to celebrate their achievement.

Take Time to Remember

The end of the school year can be quite nostalgic. It is a chance for parents, teachers, and kids to look back and remember all the fun they had. Kids can embrace their nostalgia while creating a record of their learning by writing down their favorite moments. Children can embrace the learning experience by writing down the exciting things they learned that year. This activity helps them appreciate their time at school while simultaneously reviewing some of the material.

Go on an Adventure

Childhood is a wonderful time to embrace the unknown. Children, able to trust their parents, do not have to worry about planning or itinerary. Parents can embrace this era of their child’s life by taking them on a surprise adventure. Parents can take their children on a hike to a special destination that the kids do not know about until the end or surprise them on a road trip with a stop at their favorite museum. Not only is this fun and spontaneous, but it also gives parents time to bond with their children.

Redecorate Their Bedroom

Growing kids develop new tastes, and it is hard for their bedroom décor to keep up. For kids who have outgrown their dinosaur or princess themed bedrooms, repainting and redecorating are good ways to celebrate their graduation. Not only is this practical, but it also acknowledges the passing of time and their development over the year.