As soon as the weatherman predicts a lot of snow, it’s usually followed by shouts of joy from children while grownups scramble to come up with plans to keep their kiddos engaged and entertained. Instead of turning snow days into TV marathons, there are plenty of activities that don’t involve a screen.

With a little planning, you can keep your children busy with numerous snow day activities. Here are 10 fun ways to combat snow day boredom and make it a day to remember!

Create an Obstacle Course

For an indoor obstacle course, gather some supplies like balls, pillows, books, empty toilet paper rolls, and other household items and map out your course. Make it challenging by having kids complete it with books on their heads or spinning around in circles before weaving through obstacles.

For an outdoor obstacle course, grab some items like hula hoops, scraps of wood, sleds or pool noodles and allow your kids to have fun using their imagination.

Make Snow Ice Cream

With just snow, condensed milk and vanilla, you can make and eat some pretty delicious ice cream. Add food coloring and fun toppings, but be sure to eat it when you’re all warmed up indoors!

Set Up a Hot Chocolate Bar

Set up a station with all the hot chocolate essentials like marshmallows, chocolate chips, peppermint bits, sprinkles, candy canes, whipped cream and more yummy toppings that will keep everyone warm and cozy.

Bring Snow Indoors

Lay out a thick blanket or mat, get some buckets and start bringing in some of that fresh fluffy snow. Use pots and pans, bowls and spoons, and even beach toys to keep your kiddos entertained for hours (or at least until all the snow melts).

Make Snow Volcanoes

With a few simple household ingredients like dish soap, vinegar, baking soda, and food coloring your kids can make their own snow volcanoes. There are plenty of tutorials online, just find one that uses the ingredients you have on-hand!

Build a Fort

Bring on your master fort-building skills with pillows, couch cushions, chairs, and blankets. Kids will love to cozy up in these forts to watch movies, read books, or share stories.

Go on a Scavenger Hunt

Create clues to solve that will send your kids on a hunt around the house. This can help you maximize your indoor space if the weather is particularly bad.

Get Crafty

Use construction paper, Popsicle sticks, stickers, glue, and anything else you have on hand to make crafts. You can even have your kids make something to gift to a family member for the holidays. From ornaments to room decor, there are endless possibilities when kids use their imaginations!

Have an Indoor Picnic

Make things interesting by having a picnic inside. Lay out a blanket, gather your lunch or snacks, and enjoy one another’s company while staying warm and cozy indoors. If it’s not too cold out, you can have a snowy picnic. Just be sure to bundle up and eat some warm foods like soup!

Make a Homemade Video

Grab a video camera or phone and let your kids film their day. Homemade videos are a great keepsake to look back on and to show your kids when they’re all grown up. Turn your snow day into a memento that can be cherished for years to come.