In many respects, motherhood is like a job. Women are tasked with caring for every aspect of another human’s life. To do this job effectively, they must do the very thing they often neglect—take care of themselves. With busy schedules and the fast pace of our society, self-care habits commonly fall by the wayside. However, mothers must take care of their overall health in order to handle the demands of motherhood.

Set An Example

Children are like sponges in that they soak up what they see. If they see mommy resting when she gets tired and drinking water throughout the day, they’ll accept those habits as the norm. If they don’t have exposure to healthy habits, they may struggle with adopting those behaviors. After all, why should a child eat their vegetables or get some exercise in when Mom doesn’t practice what she preaches? Leading by example is key! Demonstrate the kinds of healthy habits that children can carry into adulthood.

Take Time For Yourself

Self-care for mothers can also include engaging in hobbies and other activities that are independent of parenting. It’s so easy to get lost in all the hectic work of raising a child. Women should be empowered and nurture the woman they were before motherhood, harkening back to their past in order to draw strength for the present. Find small pockets of quiet time, develop a hobby, or invest in a babysitter for date night. Strike down the notion that “me time” is selfish when, in reality, it is quite necessary.

Maintain Your Health

Mothers have physically demanding responsibilities, including carrying, rocking, and lifting children. This means taking special care of the physical body is imperative. Get as much sleep as possible. Rest allows for clear thinking. As much as possible, establish a balanced diet. Give the body the proper nutrients it needs. Prioritize working out and regular doctor’s visits. It can be as simple as taking short walks around the neighborhood with the children, taking stairs more, and scheduling checkups for the entire family at one time.

Motherhood can be a beautiful experience. Intentional behaviors will allow women to enjoy it more. Take a few moments and identify strategies to prioritize health so children can get the best from their mom.