Children-focused charity organizations have been established across the globe, each with the aim of aiding disadvantaged children. Most of these philanthropies are founded on the basis of offering social, medical, and economic assistance and relief to children whose ability to access such services is significantly impaired. Here are the top children charities to which you should consider donating.

The Ronald McDonald House Charity

The Ronald McDonald House Charity was founded to support programs that improve children’s well-being and health. With a presence in over 54 countries, RMHC is organized into three main programs, including the Ronald McDonald Care Mobile, the Ronald McDonald House, and the Ronald McDonald Family Room. Each of these programs provides optimal social care to children and introduces them to a community-based family environment.

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is a children’s hospital facility that provides basic and advanced medical attention to children. Those served by the facility receive preventive and curative pediatric care at no cost. St. Jude depends on well-wishers to remain operational. It has contributed to the welfare of children around the globe, improving access to medical services and treating catastrophic diseases. 

“I Have a Dream” Foundation

The “I Have a Dream” Foundation is a child-focused philanthropy program that aids children whose access to educational services is significantly impaired. The foundation provides children with school tuition and other educational resources. Where necessary, it also finances advanced education for beneficiaries, including education at college and university levels. This program has facilitated the education of over 13,500 students since its founding in 1981.

Newborns in Need

Newborns in Need provides material and social care to newborn children, especially those born under difficult situations of premature growth. It also cares for babies whose mothers lack the social or economic ability to provide maternal care. Supporters are encouraged to offer material contributions, such as clothes and baby gear. Financial contributions also facilitate the success of the program, as caring for these children lends to optimal physiological and social growth.