The New York theater scene is one of the world’s most famous, and the chance to see a show on Broadway is a lifelong dream for many. Children will especially delight in the incredible stage design, magnificent performances, and breathtaking ambiance of a live play or musical. Some children may even see a Broadway show and discover a passion for theater, going on to pursue careers in music, dance, acting or production. However, before surprising a child with a trip to Broadway, it’s important to prepare them for the experience.

Start With an Affordable Show

Children may wind up not being as enthralled by a show as their parents would like. This can be disheartening, but the blow will lessen if you avoid exorbitant ticket costs. As an introductory experience, choose an affordable Broadway show that runs for no more than two hours, keeping an eye out for discounted or last-minute rush tickets.

Parents should choose a kid-friendly Broadway show that they can still enjoy; shows like Wicked and Frozen are filled with familiar stories and characters revitalized through the magic of Broadway.

Choose a Good Time

Catching a show at night might be fun for adults, but kids are likely to get tired if a show runs past bedtime. Instead, opt for an afternoon show. Some kids may be fine with staying up late, but for a first-time experience, the matinee may be more suitable for children.

Discuss Theater Etiquette

Children will need to understand that there are certain rules to be followed during a performance, and they have to behave respectfully so everyone around them can enjoy the show. Talk about the importance of staying quiet when actors are on stage, remaining seated, not fidgeting, and keeping eyes and ears focused on the stage.

Arrive Early

Give kids time to adjust to the event by arriving at the theater early, going to the bathroom before the show starts, and getting settled in their seats. Most theaters don’t open their doors until an hour or so before the show starts, but even a little bit of early preparation can help kids and their parents prepare for and enjoy the wonder of live theater!

Preview Shows Online

Before splurging on any tickets, bring up some clips of catchy Broadway performances on YouTube. Let kids watch trailers or full scenes and ask them what they think. Some children may be enamored from the start, but others may be more of the TV type. Either way, respecting their interests and sharing experiences that are meaningful is what matters most.