I don’t know about you, but indulging in sweet treats is something I look forward to during every holiday season. There’s something about those yummy pies, frosted cookies, and other sugar-filled snacks that makes them hard to pass up. But if you have little ones to feed, it’s important to take the extra step in ensuring they are eating snacks that are on the healthier side. Luckily, there are plenty of adorable and healthy snacks that you and your kids can enjoy around the holidays!

Red Nose Reindeer

Your kids will love these little reindeer snacks, and can even help make these simple treats! With apple slices, mini chocolate chips, pretzel sticks, and grapes, you can make these reindeer in less than ten minutes! The best part is that there are so few ingredients, you’ll have to find an excuse not to try them out.

Festive Fruit Christmas Tree

Kiwis are the main attraction in this festive tree-shaped platter. Sprinkle blueberries, cranberries, raspberries, and other bits of fruit to represent ornaments and lights, and top it off with an apple or banana slice shaped like a star. This treat fits the aesthetic of any holiday party, satisfying the sweet and sour tastebuds of kids and adults alike. Plus, it offers a throwback to the bygone days of summer with all of the berry and tropical flavors!

Whipped Cream Stuffed Strawberry Santas

Who doesn’t love a good strawberry and whipped cream combo? Cut a strawberry in half and add a spoon full of whipped cream. Place the pointed end of the strawberry on top and add a tiny bit of whipped cream for Santa’s hat. If you’re really feeling generous, add mini chocolate chips for the eyes. This snack is enough to satisfy any sweet tooth without going overboard on the sugar.

A Christmas Tree Veggie Tray

This is another snack that would work at a holiday party for friends and family of all ages! To set this up, arrange broccoli into the shape of a tree onto a platter. Decorate the tree with yellow peppers and cherry tomatoes. Use pretzel sticks for the tree trunk and a cutout of another tasty fruit or veggie for the star. This recipe is perfect for parents who want to try unique flavor combos, as well as children who just aren’t getting their veggies.