Parents can build their children’s self-esteem using these three tips.

Let children choose

Children want to be independent. They want to freely express themselves. For example, they may want to decide what to wear in the morning. Parents can help by giving them a few weather-appropriate options. Children should not wear shorts in the winter. However, they can choose which coat to wear for the day. They can also accessorize their outfits using different colored scarves and gloves. Similarly, parents can let their children decide what to eat for lunch by giving them three healthy options at a time. For example, parents can let children eat pasta, chicken salad, or a turkey sandwich. Children will become more confident if they can make their own choices. They will feel as if they have some sort of control over their lives.

Let children help

Children want to help their parents around the house. It’s fun for them. They want to play a role in whatever activity their parents are doing. Therefore, parents should think of creative ways to get the children involved. Make sure every activity is safe and relatively easy. For example, parents can let the children carry grocery bags when coming back from the store. Let the kids carry one light weighted bag with a few simple items. Similarly, children can help their parents cook dinner. They can keep track of the timer. They can also clear the dining room table. Children smile with pride when they help their parents. They love participating and showing off their skills.

Do not yell

Children who grow up in abusive households develop all kinds of mental issues. They become shy and develop speech impediments. They may also be afraid to try new things. They do not want to make the mistakes that naturally come with being a beginner. Parents should not raise their voices when disciplining their children. Rather, they should engage in rational discussions. Parents should calmly explain to their children why something is wrong to do. Make sure the kids understand by asking how they would feel if someone did it to them. Rational discussions allow children to mature as people. Their self-esteem will remain intact.