When you’re about to become a new parent, whether you were planning on having a child naturally or waited a long time to get pregnant, it can be stressful. In reality, parenting and pregnancy can be very challenging, but it’s also full of blessings and joy. Having the correct information can help you prepare for the challenges ahead. One of the best ways to prepare for parenthood is by learning from experts such as medical professionals and experienced parents. This can help you navigate the various challenges parenthood can throw you. We searched the internet for the best podcasts to help you understand and navigate the various challenges parenthood can throw at you.


Pregnancy Podcast

For years, the Pregnancy Podcast has been providing new and expecting parents with the latest information on pregnancy-related topics. In addition to being a great source of information, this show tackles some of the biggest questions new parents have about childbirth and prenatal care. The show hosts, Vanessa and her guests, walk you through the various steps involved in becoming a new parent. They also cover particular topics, which makes them an ideal source for new parents. The show hosts are very knowledgeable about all the subjects they cover, making them an ideal source for new parents. The library of the show is also full of helpful articles. Since the episodes are usually only 20 minutes long, starting and finishing them while cooking dinner is easy.


Respectful Parenting: Janet Lansbury Unruffled

Janet is an expert in the parenting space, having published two books on childcare and parenting and being a parenting consultant and website builder. She has also dedicated over 200 episodes to helping other parents navigate through the various challenges of parenthood. In her show, Janet breaks down complicated concepts in a conversational style. The way she talks about topics makes it feel like she’s sitting next to you. The program’s library features several short talks on parenting topics. Over the years, Janet has helped many parents improve their interactions with their kids. She has also helped them deal with the tension in their marriage caused by their kids. Janet’s advice and information benefit new mothers with difficult kids prone to lying and stealing. After listening to Janet for a couple of years, you’ll better understand the dynamics of family life and child development.


Solo Parent Society

This is also a great place for single parents. In addition to receiving practical advice, this podcast features deep discussions about the various feelings that new parents are going through. The Solo Parent Society aims to help single parents raise healthy kids and grow their self-esteem through conversations with other parents. Many of the show’s examples are of parents who have already walked away from their marriage. The content is also relevant to other parents.