With July fully underway, everyone is getting ready for their favorite patriotic holiday. The Fourth of July is a great time to throw big social events to kick off a person’s summer. Here are a few tips that make any Fourth of July party into a fun event.

Plan a Theme

When planning a party for the Fourth of July, try to think about more than just the color scheme. This summer holiday works well with themes like elegant garden parties, casual picnics, or sunny beach decor. Just stick to the classic patriotic color scheme to make sure the party still spreads plenty of holiday cheer.

Make Cute Confetti Balloons

Most people decorating with balloons stick with boring red, white, and blue latex balloons. To create a more unique and photogenic look, try making confetti balloons. Put a spoonful of red, white, and blue star shaped confetti in a clear balloon before blowing it up for an adorable decoration.

Create Festive Drinks

For most people, a few tasty alcoholic beverages will add plenty of fun. Of course some people just set out a cooler of beer, but hosts can take things to the next notch with red, white, and blue colored drinks. This can be as simple as a white wine sangria decorated with blueberries and strawberries, or it can be as elaborate as spiked snow cones made with cherry and blue raspberry syrup.

Provide Plenty of Low-Fuss Finger Foods

Fourth of July is all about relaxing and mingling with friends, so most people will not want to bother with a formal, sit down dinner. Instead, aim for foods that can be cooked in advance and eaten while standing around the pool or sitting on the grass. Good options include things like burgers, sandwiches, BBQ meat, corn on the cob, broccoli salad, mini cherry pies, and cupcakes.

Create Individual Napkin and Utensil Holders

To make things easy and keep guests from crowding around a table loaded with utensils, try loading individual mason jars with napkins, a fork, and a knife. This makes it easy for guests to grab their utensils, and the mason jars can double as a cup too.