A mother’s job is never-ending, and I use that term quite literally.  Whether you’re a working, single, or stay at home mom, your daily tasks begin from the minute you wake up, to the minute you (finally) get to bed.  The phrase “not enough time in the day”, comes to mind frequently. With that said, our jobs as moms may be never-ending, but with a little time management and organization, they can be far less stressful.  Consider adopting the following tips in your daily routine to limit some of the everyday #momlife stressors you may experience; you owe it to yourself!

Always Live in the Moment

Work, kids, kids activities, dinner, cleaning; the list goes on.  Often times we look at these day to day tasks as redundant, and sometimes daunting.  A lot goes into our work and families, but it’s important to embrace it, rather than focus on how endless your list of duties are.  Be mindful of what’s happening around you. Set your focus on the task or activity at hand, and try not to worry about what comes next; enjoy the now!

Wake Up (A Little) Early

Before we even get into this tip, by no means does this mean cutting down on your sleep.  Sleep is essential to your overall mom powers, and it’s important to try and get as much as you can.  However, consider waking up a little earlier than the rest of the house.  A good 15 – 20 minutes early will give you the opportunity for some alone time, and maybe even an undisrupted full cup of coffee!

Get Everyone Ready the Night Before

This is one of the time management tips that should really be essential in anyone’s life (mom or not).  In a mom’s case, this can save you so much time. Prepare for your next day the night before. After dinner, move along into your next day prep.  Get lunches packed, backpacks ready, and clothes picked out for the next day. This will save you a significant amount of time in the morning, and (hopefully) teach your children some essential organization skills that they will be able to carry into their adult lives.  

The Power of “No”

You may not think it to be important, but the power of no goes a long way; embrace and utilize it. It’s not unlikely for a mom to be completely over-scheduled; between a career, a home, and trying keeping up with kids activities from play dates to sports, things can become a little overwhelming.  Additionally, you want to be as involved as possible, so you’re most likely participating in things like PTA meetings and other committees. Remember, if it’s not an absolute priority to your family or yourself, saying no every once in a while is okay.

Remember, Everyday is a New Day

When your busy day is finally coming to a close and you’re about ready to fall into your bed face first, let go of anything that’s weighing on you, and start fresh tomorrow.  Didn’t get something done? The world will not stop turning, and those around you probably didn’t even notice. Relax. Try not to carry stress from the day before into your next.  Always remember, tomorrow is a new day!